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In general, modern sewing machines do not need a great deal of work in the matter of repairs, but if a machine has been standing, is old, or has been used a great deal, they can require a service now and then. All machines wear out in time and with sewing machines, fabric creates a great deal of debris over the years and this can clog up the moving parts and soak up any lubrication.
Added to this, some machines are known to have particular problems such as poor motors of sub-standard parts.
A clean and service can keep a machine running more efficiently and quieter ensuring a better and longer working life.

We work on just about all sewing machines, not just lockstitch but over-lockers and embroidery machines. Prices are as varied as the machines themselves and cost is very dependent on the amount of work required.

Before you consider bringing your machine to us, check to see if the needle is blunt or damaged and the thread you are using is correct for the job. We always replace the needle and the thread with good quality items before we test the machine at our shops and of course there is a small charge for this, so it is better if these items are checked first.

Preparing Your Machine For Transport

Generally most machines are transportable types but please be careful when carrying the machine as they can be quite heavy.
If the machine does not have a carrying case, be aware or banging the machine and causing damage. Secure all loose items such as pedals and spare spools. It is a good idea to empty the machine drawers if provided and store loose items in a bag or a box. We will itemise loose parts on arrival but as we usually replace the needle and spool as a matter of course, they are not really required.
The machine should be fitted with its standard foot unless the problem requires a different foot to recreate.

Covid restrictions

We do not take any risks concerning covid. We require the customer to wear masks at all times during contact, and insist on no less than a six feet gap between you and us. This is for ours and the customer's protection and when possible, we will be implementing a new system for video streaming for assessments and set-up information.

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