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This page is provided to help you with some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q - My sewing machineis running well but it is several years since it was serviced, does it need servicing or can I keep running it?
A - All machines require service and maintenance but unless your sewing machine is very old or has been used for some considerable time, it should be fine with normal use. Sometimes if a machine has been stood for some time, it should be checked over now and then.

Q - My machine is slowing down and though I have clean it, it still runs slow. Does it need oiling?
A - Some machines slow down for various reasons. It may need a clean, or it may need oil. But there are so many other reasons for it running slow. Motor problems can cause slow running and some machines were built with sub-standard motors that slow down over the years.

Q - Smoke was seen coming from the pedal, is there a major problem?
A - It isn't worth the risk of fire but usually on older 'clam-shell' foot pedals, the carbon resistor can smoke when hot. Have it checked to be on the safe side.

Q - I was told that WD40 is really bad for my machine, why is that?
A - Put simply it's like putting bleach into your car engine rather than the correct oil. Any machine should only be oiled with the correct oil and in the correct places.

Q - Before I contact you about checking my machine, what should I try?
A - Check through everything that you would normally try. Is the needle the correct one for the material and is it sharp? Do you have the correct thread? Is the tension correct on both threads? Is the presser foot tension correct? All these things matter so they should be the first thing you try.

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