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For your Information

This page is provided to help you if you are wishing to contact us or require more information on time/cost of repairs. It is also the place to come to access your Customer Tracking Details.

We currently only work three days per week and at times we can be rather busy, but this is not our primary income so if you require work done quickly, please consider someone else. Though we try to complete work as soon as we can, we do not stock a vast range of supplies so it can take time to track down parts and get them delivered.
If we have to make parts, again, this can be time consuming. Please be patient and we will get the job done.

The cost of work varies considerably but if the clock is not too poor, correcting average wear and new main springs will see a cost of around £150. Sewing machines services range from £60 - £100 depending on the amount of problems found. This is simply a guide figure, but we will give you a better estimate once we have assessed the machine or clock.

Due to covid, we have to take precautions to keep ourselves and other customers safe. For this reason we require face masks at all points of contact.
We are also working on a series of videos to allow you to have information on setting up your clock after the work has been completed. This will take time and will be accessible as soon as we can get it online.

When this service is up and running, you will find several help features such as how to set up your clock and finding beat, and there will also be a section on how to remove your longcase movement. This is a guide with images so that you should be able to remove the movement for service purposes. We do suggest you ask for a quote from us, but if you wish to try it yourself the guide should be of help.
This service is still being constructed.

Video Area.

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