Covid and HME

Covid Policy

Our Policy

Covid is not going away and so we are altering our working practices to suit.
We are working towards assessments and set up advice being done by internet video or Zoom. If you do not have the capability to view video on phone or PC, please consider this before bringing your clock or sewing machine to us. We will implement this as soon as we are able.

Points to remember

  • Face protection must be worn at all times at our premises when you bring in or collect your clock or machine.
  • If we come out to you on a call-out, we will wear face protection and so must you. At least six feet must be maintained between you the customer and we the service provider.
  • We realise that our usual practice of showing you how to set up your clock when you collect it is not going to be possible. Instead, we will provide a set-up sheet and a video with a link for you to read or watch when you arrive home. We will of course still show you how to transport the clock home safely.
  • In conclusion, any one to one engagement will have to be within the guidelines above.

  • This is not how we would like to conduct business, but due to the ineptitude of the government, we see no other means to keep ourselves and the customer safe.

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