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We do not undertake basic cleaning of clock movements. This is due to the fact that most clocks require a thorough service in order for them to run well after they have been dismantled. It would be counter-productive to clean a movement for the spring to break or some other part to fail once it arrives home.

Our system is thorough. We first asses your clock based on the symptoms and when fully assessed, we will contact you to inform you of the work we consider the clock will require to operate correctly. If you agree to this work, the movement is completely stripped, cleaned and re-assessed for any microscopic damage or wear. If there are other issues, we will inform you of the new assessment. Only when you have fully agreed to the work will we continue.
If you then do not want the work to be carried out, we reassemble the clock and charge you for the assessment only. This will mean that although the clock is clean, it will still have the issues it came in with. You will also be required to sign a form to say that you didn't require the work to be carried out.

Preparing Your Clock For Transport

Clocks of all types can be damaged if not dismantled and transported correctly. This is a short guide to help you ready your clock.
If the cock is still running, allow it to wind down before you secure it. If it has a pendulum, remove it and store it safely with the clock. If there are weights, remove these too, and store them separately but bring them with the clock.
In the case of wall clocks, remove them very carefully from the wall and take the opportunity to check the fixing on the clock and in the wall. Make sure the door (if present) is fully closed and secured. Lay wall clocks flat with their backs to the floor. Mantel clocks should be left the correct way up with pendulum removed.
If your clock begins to tick quickly when the pendulum is removed, carefully place sticky tape over the part that is moving.
If you have any doubts, please contact us for advice.

For work on larger clocks we have to remove the movement and transport it to our workshop. We will give you any advice on the position of the case at that point so that as soon as the movement is completed it can be restored to its case ready to run. We set the clock in beat and ensure it runs correctly before leaving.
Obviously this operation is more expensive that a normal clock but collection and intsallation is included in the price quoted.
As longcases are usually left for many years without proper maintenance, they are usually seriously worn and much more expensive to repair.

Covid restrictions

We do not take any risks concerning covid. We require the customer to wear masks at all times during contact, and insist on no less than a six feet gap between you and us. This is for ours and the customer's protection and when possible, we will be implementing a new system for video streaming for assessments and set-up information. Please click the links on the right to find out if your clock is really in need of work.